Gitksan Fisheries Catch Monitor and Ranger Program

The GWA Rangers have been responsible for the monitoring of communal fisheries activities since the program was implemented in 1993. Gitksan Watershed Authorities has a well established and highly regarded monitoring program for the Gitksan Food, Social, and Ceremonial (FSC) catches on the Skeena River (set and drift gill net), Bulkley River (set gill net), and Babine River (Gisgagaas Canyon). The major FSC Gitksan fishery occurs from the height of land upstream of Legate Creek on the Skeena in the western most territories to Gisgagaas Canyon on the Babine River in the northern territories. Smaller fisheries occur on the Lower Bulkley River near Hagwilget and on the Skeena River near Kuldo. Permits and harvest numbers are also collected for the coastal food fishery.

GWA also monitors and reports on Gitksan commercial fisheries. Harvest data is pertinent to the management of the Skeena River fish stocks.

The program also assists with organization science projects and assists in search and rescue efforts.

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