Water Quality and Quantity

In the year 2000, the GWA initiated a water quality and quantity program in the Upper Skeena Watershed. Water stations were established on 5 streams to measure stream depth, water temperature, air temperature and water velocity. The 5 stations are located on the following streams: Clifford Creek, Skunsnat Creek, Upper Zymoetz River (McDonnell Lk.), Natlan Creek, and Damshilgwit Creek. To measure and record stream levels AquaRod stage gauges and level logger data loggers are employed. The data from the discharge estimates are then combined with the stage data to construct stage discharge curves for each stream. This information is used when analyzing run timing and determining the suitability of the habitat for rearing. All of these sites/streams have significant stewardship activities being carried out on it and are focal areas for stock rebuilding efforts.


In 2007 and 2008, seven additional water stations were established in the Skeena Headwaters. The data loggers in the Skeena Headwaters have not been visited since 2008 due to budget restraints. The costs unfortunately are quite substantial due to the extreme remote locations.

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